A new startup called Scrotus is hoping to make the process of getting a company’s logo printed as easy as possible.

The startup offers an app that allows companies to create and share logos with customers and clients without any software or hardware required.

The app will let you create your logo design as a vector graphic, print it out, and then send it to customers.

The company will then use the logo to sell ads on your site.

Scrotius uses the logo for both social media marketing and digital signage.

The company said that the process is so simple that it’s almost as if the logo was made by a software developer.

The team behind Scrotuses logo app says that the software only takes up about two minutes to create the logo.

The team says that they’ve been using Scroti for the past three months and have been working on it for about a year.

Scrotsi is currently in the beta phase and is available for $9.99 for an annual subscription.

The app will be open for business starting in September.

Scrosstos website says that if you’re in the market for a new logo for your business, Scrotis logo printing service will help you create a new look with no tech required.

Scroti founder, John T. Kowalski, said that while Scrotos logo printing will help companies make their logos more appealing to customers, the service will also help companies find new ways to advertise.

For example, he said, Scrotsis logo can be used for a logo banner, a sign for a digital signage or marketing campaign.

Kowski said that Scrotas service will allow the company to send out its logo to hundreds of potential clients each month.

“It’s the most fun, least technical process I’ve ever had to do,” Kowsky said.

He added that Scrotses logo printing software is extremely fast and responsive.

“We’ve been working with a bunch of big brands for about two years and we’re now at a point where we’re able to make logo printing as easy for as a client as possible,” Kowal said.

The logo printing startup is based in Seattle, Washington.

Scots logo is currently available in print on its website.

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