Dan Kinh is a former animation supervisor on “The Simpsons” who now runs a small, independent animation studio.

He’s not your average employee.

In fact, he’s an outspoken critic of the network.

And this is what happened.

Kinh said in a video interview that Fox wanted to cancel the show because it didn’t make enough money to stay on the air.

The network didn’t want to take on the risk of losing millions of dollars and losing the show’s future. 

Fox executives had the audacity to make the decision without even listening to the feedback from the entire network, he said. 

Now, Kinh has an animated show on Fox called The Simpsons.

It’s about two friends who live in Springfield, the city that became the home of “The Big Bang Theory.”

They have two daughters, one a reporter and the other a writer, and they live a very suburban life.

Kinhy has spent the last several years creating this show. 

One of the things he’s been most passionate about is the fact that “The Simpson” has been on the network for almost 20 years.

He said in the video interview he wanted to tell the stories of people who were different, and the stories about the show that are so much different from the characters on the show.

He also said he was upset about the decision not to keep the show on the Fox network.

“I have a feeling that they didn’t even listen to what I was saying,” Kinh told me.

“They were just like, ‘We’ll just keep it.'”

Fox’s decision to not keep the “Simpsons” on the channel has not only left the cartoon show with an empty slot in the schedule, but has also been met with anger from fans who said they felt abandoned. 

Kinh said he is still trying to raise money for the show, but said he’s done a little research.

“I’m not really sure what’s going to happen.

I’m sure that this has been an issue for some people.

I mean, I’ve been on some bad networks, but they’ve all come back.

This is different,” he said in an interview with The Huffington View.

“It’s a real challenge.

So I’m going to try to get as much money as I can, and as much publicity as I possibly can.””

But I’m here, and I’ve got my family behind me.

So I’m going to try to get as much money as I can, and as much publicity as I possibly can.”

Kinh has been involved in various projects for many years. 

He also created the music video for the song “We Are the World,” which he performed at the 2016 MTV VMAs. 

For more information on the “The Simpsons” animated series, check out the video above. 

(h/t The Huffington Mail)

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