A car that has been insulated by car glass could be vulnerable to damage, according to experts.

A new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Duke University suggests that if an air conditioner or other heating device is installed in the car, it can cause the insulation to weaken, potentially opening the door for the gas to leak.

The study also found that an air conditioning unit installed on the roof of a car with glass insulation could cause the temperature inside the car to rise, potentially making the car susceptible to overheating.

The researchers tested the effects of the two different insulation methods on three different types of air conditioning units: one with a standard glass insulation and one with an insulation made of ceramic tiles.

They found that the ceramic tile insulation did not increase the temperature of the car significantly more than the glass insulation.

The new research has been published in the journal Energy Policy.

“This is a critical and new finding,” said University of Manitoba professor of mechanical engineering and energy studies Dr. Jodie McKeown.

“This is the first study that shows that the material of the insulation, the type of material, the way it is bonded together, is also an important factor.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking at air conditioning, hot water, heat pumps or heaters, these are all examples of how a component can change the thermal behavior of a system.

It could have an impact on the system.”

The researchers used the National Energy Board’s (NEB) air quality report to calculate the temperature and pressure inside a vehicle, then compared those figures with what was measured in the air conditioning system.

The results showed that the thermal effects of air conditioners or other heaters are only slightly different from those of ceramic tile heating systems.

The ceramic tile insulated air conditioning system tested in the study did not significantly increase the average temperature of an outdoor vehicle.

The air conditioning room in the laboratory that the researchers tested had a thermal capacity of 2,500 BTU per square meter and a thermal density of 3.6.

The NEB report also suggested that the air conditionered room could potentially have a cooling effect, as the room could absorb the heat of the room, even though the room’s temperature was the same as that of the outdoor room.

But the researchers say they don’t know for sure if the ceramic tiles would actually cool the car.

McKeown says the study is just the first step in a broader study to determine if there is any benefit to ceramic tile air conditioning systems.

“Our hope is to determine whether these systems could provide benefits for certain types of cooling, such as in the winter when there is less air,” she said.

“And if so, whether they could also have an effect on overall car temperature.”

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