A new study has revealed the most efficient glass doors in cars and the most energy-efficient glass windows in homes, according to research by energy firm Next Big Vision.

Glass doors and window glass were ranked by energy efficiency as the most environmentally-friendly materials and the second-most energy-effective in use in cars.

It is not clear whether the study was carried out in the UK or in other countries.

The report says the most popular glass windows and doors in vehicles are those that offer good energy efficiency, which is a good thing in light of the environmental issues facing vehicles and the drivers.

However, many of the new car glass windows do not have any energy efficiency features and are often more energy-intensive to manufacture.

While the study did not examine whether the energy-efficiency features were a problem for all vehicles, it did find that there was an important difference in the efficiency of windows in the cars compared to those on the road.

The energy-saving features on the car’s glass were found to be the most effective in saving energy, and the cheapest to build.

“A large number of the glass windows on the market are designed with energy efficiency in mind and offer an energy-saver option for cars,” the report said.

“Glass doors are also a good choice for people who drive a lot and would like to save on energy.”

The researchers said the new study was “an exciting first step towards understanding how glass doors may have a more efficient and environmentally-sustainable future”.

“The glass door in particular offers the potential for making the car more energy efficient.

This is because of the efficiency improvements and energy-savings that can be achieved from using a glass door.”

This is also because glass doors are less expensive to manufacture than the common metal window.

“Although the glass doors have been shown to be more energy effective, this is mainly because of their cost savings, as well as a reduction in the overall energy used in the process.”

In addition, they found that the energy savings of using glass doors is generally smaller than the energy efficiency improvements offered by conventional glass windows.

This suggests that the more efficient glass windows may have the advantage of providing a wider range of energy-related benefits than the more common metal windows, the researchers said.

Next Big Vision has also published a report highlighting the many energy-conserving features in solar panels and other solar technologies, including the ability to recycle materials.

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