The NHL’s glass floorboards will be a new addition to the league this season.

That’s because it will replace the old one that has been in place since the 2015-16 season.

The new design is the result of a collaborative effort between the league and the Glass Wall Foundation, a group that promotes and supports glass flooring.

The foundation has created an interactive map that displays the location of each glass floorboard.

You can check out a full look at the new glass floor boards at the bottom of the article.

The glass floorboarding project was started in 2008 by the league’s Designated Player Advisory Committee and the Players’ Association.

The project was supported by the NHLPA and the National Hockey League Players’ Pension Fund.

In 2018, the league introduced the “glass roof” rule, which requires every player to wear a helmet, face mask and other protective equipment during games and practice.

But a lot of the helmets are made of polycarbonate and have no clear protective coverings.

The rules have been criticized by some in the NHL community.

“It was an oversight, and it was done poorly,” said Joe Sakic, the commissioner of the New York Islanders.

“I feel bad for the players and I know they feel bad.”

The league says that many of the players who were wearing helmets at the time of the rulemaking have since retired.

And players say the helmets still cause problems for the game and the players.

“There are a lot [of] helmets,” said Matt Donovan, the defenseman on the New Jersey Devils.

“If they don’t have enough protection, they’ll wear it down.

That is a big issue.”

And some players have been voicing their concerns about the helmets.

The Islanders player who wore the helmet said that he was forced to wear the helmet after being hit by a puck during a playoff game.

“That is just a big no-no for the sport,” he said.

“The league was trying to get rid of helmets because they didn’t fit right and there was no way to keep them in place.”

The NHL says the helmets were designed to be worn for three games before they were removed, but many of those players who weren’t wearing the helmets weren’t ready for the new design.

Donovan said he is still wearing the helmet.

“Every time I go down there, I am thinking about that helmet,” he told reporters.

“My face hurts a lot.

My neck hurts.

It hurts every time I wear that helmet.”

The new glass design is a continuation of the glass roof that the NHL introduced last season.

It was designed to reduce helmet wear, but Donovan said that has not been the case.

He said that many players have already stopped wearing the new helmet and that it has taken a toll on their ability to skate and defend against other players.

“It is really frustrating to see that people are still wearing it,” he added.

We are going be a lot less strict on wearing helmets.””

We are going to be a little bit more careful with that.

We are going be a lot less strict on wearing helmets.”

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