This man has written to the owner of a photographer who posted a photo of him on Instagram, and said he has been told his face will eventually be on the wall of a Melbourne homeless shelter.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was approached by an acquaintance on Saturday night and asked to pay to have his photograph taken on the side of a road.

“The person asked me if I would like my face on the door of a homeless shelter,” he said.

“I said I would be happy to pay, but I’ve been asked by someone on Facebook to pay $200 for my face to be on one of the walls of the homeless shelter in Melbourne.”

There was no way that could be done.

I’ve never been in a shelter before, I’m homeless myself and my face has never been on the walls before.”‘

It will be a sad day’The man said he received the message on Saturday, and asked if he would be allowed to photograph the man, but was told he would need to sign a form stating he would not be photographing the homeless man.”

If you go to the homeless service, you will be given the option to have your photograph taken of the man who has approached you,” he wrote.”

It is very sad to hear that your face will have a part of the wall in the future, as the photo has not been approved by the department.

“He said he could not believe the response he was receiving, and he said he would make a formal complaint to the department.


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