The first of a new series of stickers that make businesses look like disaster-struck people has gone on sale for £10 on the Etsy website.

The series, which is named Decorative Wall Stickers, was created by artist and designer John O’Reilly.

It uses a variety of different stickers that range from stickers made of cardboard to stickers made from recycled cardboard, which are designed to look like an old school cardboard box.

It also includes stickers that are made of a variety other materials including vinyl and paper.

The stickers can be used on a wide range of different products including toilet paper, newspapers, and a variety types of paper and ink.

They can be bought individually, as a set, or as part of a collection.

The original sticker is available to buy on Etsy, where it has sold for over £10,000.

In addition to the stickers, the shop also has wall hangings, wall hangtags, stickers for your kids to use, and stickers for pets to keep safe.

The shop also sells stickers for children to use and stickers to decorate their home.

You can order them for £8 on Etsy here, and for £15 on Amazon.

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