In the 1970s, the film industry was undergoing a revolution in terms of how they were making films, and a new wave of film art was taking shape.

In the early ’80s, an iconography called “logo painting” emerged.

Inspired by the “logos” of film posters, this art style was made up of a series of letters and numbers that formed a logo.

A movie poster is the most recognizable of all logo art styles, and for good reason: it is one of the most iconic images that anyone will ever see.

While it may not be the most practical or practical for making a movie poster, it’s an incredibly effective way to communicate your brand in an art form that has been used by everyone from actors to filmmakers.

A few years ago, The Huffington Themed Podcast was able to sit down with film industry veteran, artist and designer James Hargrove to discuss the importance of logo design, the importance and history of logos in the art form, and the importance in creating a brand that is truly universal. 

James Hargrogove has been a professional illustrator and graphic designer for more than 20 years, and he is a member of the film design team at The National, which includes such titles as The Lost Weekend, The Loneliest Planet, and The Dark Knight Rises.

Hargrove said that the art of logo art is a process that takes a lot of time and patience.

“Logo art has a history.

We have done it for a long time, and we have a long history of it.

And we want it to be remembered, and it needs to be preserved,” he said.

“We have to remember the history and be able to recognize the artists who have been around the logo art for a really long time.

And it needs time.

You have to understand the history.

You know, it was created, it had to be put on paper, it needs the right balance of history, of style and of the artist.”

Hargrovove said the logo should be “a beautiful, beautiful piece of art, and that’s what we try to do with logo art.

And that’s the same with any other art.”

“Logos are not just for a movie or for television or anything, but to be a piece of work for people,” Hargros said.

And while a lot has changed over the years, he said that he hopes to keep the same quality in the future.

“I hope that we can keep the essence of the logo as much as we can.”

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