The Trump Organization is in a position to spend billions of dollars on new hotels.

That’s a major change from the days of Trump Tower and Trump-branded hotels.

The company has spent $2.7 billion building new luxury hotel rooms in New York and Los Angeles since it acquired the real estate portfolio from the estate mogul in April 2019.

Trump has spent more than $2 billion on hotel construction in the United States.

The president-elect has also announced plans to open a hotel in New Zealand, which has a population of fewer than 3 million people.

It’s unclear whether the new Trump International Hotel would be located in the same city as the hotel he owns in Chicago.

Trump’s new hotel in Auckland is expected to be completed by 2020.

The Trump International has faced criticism for being too small.

The hotel’s two main sections were recently renovated and opened.

A portion of the building is being renovated, but the bulk of the hotel is being built on an unused portion of land.

Trump said in March that he plans to reopen the hotel.

The Associated Press reported that the Trump Organization will spend $1 billion on new hotel rooms during the first 100 days of his presidency.

The AP also reported that Trump has already spent more on hotel renovations than he did during the previous 100 days, when he took office.

A New York City-based law firm said Trump has so far spent $4.2 billion to build hotels.

In 2019, Trump’s hotel in Chicago, which was built for $2 million, opened for business.

Trump and his team have said they are planning to spend $7 billion to renovate and expand the hotel and a number of other properties, including the Trump International Golf Links and the Trump Plaza Hotel.

The New York Times reported on Dec. 18 that Trump is expected, if confirmed, to spend up to $25 billion on a hotel and condominium tower in New Jersey and a hotel on the Caribbean island of Nevis.

In March, the New York Daily News reported that New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie said he is expected “to spend upwards of $10 billion” on hotels.

Trump is planning to build a hotel at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The project is expected for completion in 2019.

The property is being redeveloped, and Trump will lease out part of the property to other developers.

Christie said during a January press conference that he has “no plans” to renovating the golf course.

A hotel is expected on the property, and the developer has yet to provide details.

Trump Hotel is part of Trump Organization expansion, but he’s not expected to use the building for other purposes.

A Trump Hotel in the Philippines, which opened in February 2018, is scheduled to be finished in 2020.

Trump International hotels are expected to increase in size.

Trump signed an agreement with the Philippines’ government in 2019 to build two hotels on the island of Mindanao.

The Philippine government also said that it will open another hotel in Mindanaon in 2019, and another in a second city, Cebu.

The deal for the hotel was signed by the Trump Foundation and the Philippine government, which will help finance the project.

In 2018, Trump signed a $200 million hotel lease with the Trump Corporation.

That deal was also signed by a local government and the local municipality.

Trump bought a hotel property in Manila, Philippines, in 2016.

Trump also signed an 18-year lease with two properties on the southern Philippines island of Bicol.

The US State Department’s Office of Foreign Missions in Manila said in 2016 that Trump planned to invest $1.5 billion in hotels in the Bicol and Bicol Sea areas.

The state department said that Trump was not expecting to use this property for any other purpose.

A separate US State department official told the AP that the department did not have any plans to renovates or expand hotels in Bicol or the Bichir Islands, a group of islands that make up the Borneo archipelago.

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