A window protector is often used to prevent glare from your home’s windows.

A new technology that uses an infrared camera to detect and block the glare from the glass could change how people buy and use windows, a new study says.

The technology, called ooto glasses, uses infrared to detect light and block it from reaching your windows.

It also allows you to see what you’re looking at in the glass without having to open up the window and remove the infrared camera, which could help protect your home from the sun.

The study was published on Tuesday in the journal Scientific Reports.

Ooto glasses work by capturing infrared light from the outside of your window, then reflecting it back to the glass.

The camera then emits an infrared light to block out the incoming light.

This process is similar to what is done to block the sun’s rays.

It’s not yet clear whether the technology can be used for more than one window, but the researchers said the infrared sensor and infrared camera could be used in multiple windows simultaneously.

The team from the University of Utah and the University at Buffalo used an infrared device to capture infrared light coming from a window in a room.

The infrared camera captures infrared light as it travels through a transparent window.

An infrared camera can also capture a light that passes through a glass, allowing the camera to identify the light as coming from the window.

The infrared sensor can detect infrared light that comes from a translucent window, which can be identified by the infrared light captured by the camera.

While infrared cameras can help you identify objects on a computer screen, they have a limited range of detection and can’t detect light coming in from outside the window, according to the researchers.

Instead, the researchers built an infrared sensor that can detect light from a wide range of directions.

To make the infrared detector work in a window, the team developed a flexible lens that could be inserted in a transparent glass window.

The lens acts as a mirror and captures the infrared energy from the infrared-reflecting glass, the infrared lens, and the reflective material.

The sensor captures the IR light and sends it to a computer, which converts the IR into an infrared signal that can be transmitted to a light-blocking device.

When a light ray hits the sensor, it emits a portion of the light energy that reflects back to its source.

The IR is then sent to the light-blocking device, which is used to block it.

In their study, the Utah and Buffalo researchers demonstrated that the infrared imaging device can block up to 100 times more infrared light than the infrared reflecting glass.

They also said that the system could be modified to block up, say, 500 infrared rays.

The researchers also used the infrared sensing system to block light coming through a window that had a reflective surface.

The reflective material could be made from plastic, a material that absorbs infrared light, and then the reflective glass could be replaced with a glass that reflects more infrared.

Using the infrared sensors, the paper found that about 40 percent of the infrared rays passed through the transparent glass.

However, the remaining light from that portion of infrared ray hit the infrared detecting glass.

It was only visible to the infrared measuring device, but it blocked the remaining infrared rays from reaching the infrared sensitive window.

In the future, the IR sensor could be installed in a more traditional way to help prevent unwanted light from entering your home.

It could be placed in the window where the sunlight hits your window pane, for example, to prevent the window from being too bright.

The research was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, Office of the Secretary of Energy, and a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship award.

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