Glass boards and a cat logo are the hallmarks of the company that has become India’s biggest tech company, and the only place to see it.

The company, founded in 2013, employs about 3,000 people in the country.

Its products are mostly designed to help business people find new customers and its stock is worth about $1bn.

The Glass board is the most popular one on Glassboard, an online platform where employees can discuss work.

The cat logo is a product of a company called Chai, which also produces the “Catch Me” app, a social network that enables people to share photos and videos of their cats.

Glassboard founder Kunal Bahl was one of the early employees at Chai.

“Glassboard is one of my favourite products because it helps me find the right person to work with,” he said.

Chai founder Keshav Bhatt, an associate professor of computer science at Delhi University, said the app was developed by the company’s Indian team.

It was created to allow people to get in touch with their cat, “who might be an animal lover, or someone who might be interested in technology”.

The app uses a photo-sharing feature to make it easier for employees to find the cat they want to meet.

“There’s nothing more important than having a cat friend,” said Bhatt.

Chale was founded by Bhatt and two students in 2012.

Since then, it has grown to be India’s third-biggest tech company.

Glassboards and Chai are products of Glassboard’s Indian staff.

The Chai app is the only app in the world that uses a cat-like avatar to connect people with their pets.

Bhatt said that Chai’s product has been around since 2012, but it had not yet taken off.

He said that, in the last two years, it had seen an explosion in popularity.

“We’ve seen a massive growth in the usage of the app,” he added.

The growth in popularity of the cat logo has come as a shock to Bhatt who said that the app had not really taken off at the time.

“People had never seen it before,” he told Quartz.

“I had never heard about it.”

Bhatt says that the popularity of Chai is partly down to the fact that the company has built a community around it, in an effort to attract and retain employees.

“It’s a community where we talk about it, we talk to each other about it and we give each other feedback on what we’re doing,” he explained.

Chage is based in Hyderabad, a city of some 15 million people that has emerged as a tech hub in the city’s north-east.

Its founders, Rajesh Singh and Gopal Pandey, are both students of Computer Science and Computer Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bangalore.

Singh works for the company and Pandey is a freelance software engineer.

Singh started working for Chai as a freelancer when he was 19.

“When I was 18, I wanted to work in a tech startup and I got hired in October 2015,” Singh said.

“This was my first startup job.

I was paid Rs. 3,500 per month, and my salary was about Rs. 15,000.”

Singh says that he worked for about a year and then left for Hyderabad.

Pandey said that he started working at Chale as an assistant engineer, before taking on the job of managing Chai employees.

Pande says that at the start, he had never worked on a product.

“But when we were talking about the app, I had this idea,” he recalled.

“So we started thinking, how can we make this product a real product, not just a tool?”

Chai now has about 30 employees, including some in the technology department.

The app allows employees to share videos and photos of their pets and also provides them with feedback.

Employees can ask their cats about their favourite places to visit, and can also share photos of them and their cats and let them know what they like best.

“Our app is so popular because it’s easy to use and people are really into it,” Singh told Quartz in an email.

“In our office, there are more than 50 people who have joined the app.

We are really happy with the way the app is growing.”

Chai has about 2,500 employees in Hyderabadi, the state in the state of Andhra Pradesh, with about half of them working in the tech department.

A lot of the staff there come from Hyderabad and the surrounding area.

Singh and Pande say that, while they were working in Hyderbad, they noticed that their cats were more likely to be active.

Singh said that their employees would often ask them questions, such as what they liked to do and how they felt about their cats, in addition to how much they liked their cat.

Pandes office was also filled with people

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