The bottle of tap water in the house where I live in Ireland was decorated with a cat logo sticker.

It had been put up in the spring by the Cat Café, an online cat cafe.

I had bought the water to use in the kitchen as a kitty drink, but I noticed it had a sticker attached, on which it read “Cat Café” and “Kitty Friendly”.

I asked a neighbour who lives in the area if it was a cat café.

“No, no it was the Cat Cafe,” he said.

“I think it was just a sign that people were coming in.”

I asked my neighbour if the sticker was there to discourage people from coming in and getting cat food.

He said it was not.

“You have to ask what you’re doing in the first place,” he explained.

“People are coming in with their cats, and it’s quite annoying.

It’s just so annoying.”

A little while later, I asked the cat café owner what she thought of the sticker.

“It’s not a good sign,” she said.

 The sticker on the tap water, which says “Cat café” and is attached to the lid, is a good one, but there are many other stickers that people put on their bottles of water.

This week, I came across another sticker, this time on a bottle of the same type.

I asked the Cat Cafet’s owner if she had seen the stickers before and she said no, but she had spotted them around town.

“It was really annoying,” she admitted.

“In my neighbourhood, it was pretty much everyone who comes in the cat cafés, even the kids.

I’ve got a little girl, she comes in and drinks the water.”

“We’re trying to be a bit gentler here,” said her neighbour.

“The cats have no idea about the sticker, they don’t care, they’re just here to be around.

I mean, they’ll drink the water from the bottle.”

I was intrigued to hear that the sticker had been placed on bottles of tap and bottled water in Dublin in the last couple of years, after a local cat cafe had its cats put on stickers.

The stickers were placed by the local Cat Café in the form of stickers on bottles.

“The stickers were a lot easier to get on the cat bottles,” said the cat cafe owner.

The sticker says “Café cat friendly” on the bottom of the bottle.

It says “cat friendly” as well as the word “cat” in the middle of it.

She said she had no idea how it got on the bottles.

“We don’t know why it’s there,” she explained.

This sticker was placed on a tap bottle in Dublin.

But even though it was placed by a cat cafe, there are a lot of other stickers around town that were put up by cat cafes. A cat café in Ballymore, Dublin.

Source  Another sticker on a water bottle, which reads “Cat Friendly” in black lettering.

Another sticker in a tap and a bottle, on a white background.

Again, the stickers are in black letters.

One sticker on an orange bottle.

In Ballygalle, a cat restaurant owner in Dublin put a sticker on one of their taps, in the shape of a cat.

There are hundreds of other cats stickers around the city.

Cat cafe owner, Kaitlin, in Belfast.

Source  Another sticker, on an iced coffee drink, in white lettering and a red line through it. Source

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