A decal is a decorative piece of paper or plastic that is used to cover or decorate a piece of furniture, or a wall.

Decals have been around since the 1960s and have become popular in recent years due to their high-tech nature and ability to provide unique decorative elements for an area or home.

The “last Jedi” is the latest addition to the decal craze.

This movie-themed decal was created by an American artist named Giay dan Kinh and will be sold in several different sizes, from a few inches to up to about a foot wide, depending on the size of the decals.

It will also be sold at various locations throughout New York City including a pop-up shop in Times Square, a museum, a movie theater and a Walmart, among others.

The idea of creating a decal in Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes from the Star Wars films.

“We were always inspired by the characters, their journeys, and their journeys and what their lives are,” Kinh told ABC News.

“It was really important for us to do something to celebrate that.”

Kinh said the idea of using a Star Wars-themed movie poster came from the character of Han Solo from the original trilogy.

“I think people love it because of the iconic Star Wars poster, and they can’t wait to see what’s in the movie, so we wanted to use the original poster as the base,” Kinhi said.

“And it’s a great story, but I don’t think there’s any real reason why you would want to go back and see the original movie.”

KinH’s decals were created by hand and have a color palette that ranges from deep reds and yellows to vibrant blues and yellowers.

They are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from a small, one-inch piece to an inch wide.

Kinh was inspired to create his designs after watching a recent Star Wars movie, which he said was inspired by his own experiences with Star Wars.

“Star Wars was a huge influence, and so was Star Wars,” Kinhan said.

He said he started his project with a quick sketch to see how he could create his decals in Photoshop and then started with different materials that he found online.

Kinhi began experimenting with different shapes, colors and patterns that would make his designs unique.

He used the idea to make a few different designs before eventually choosing the design that he was most excited about.

“This is a really cool project,” Kinhar said.

“[My] initial idea was to do an abstract design, but as I was making the first one, I realized it was way more fun to do a simple, flat design.”

The final product is a 3-D printed version of the “last” Star Wars decal.

“You can really feel how important this movie poster is to me,” Kinhin said.

The decals will be available at select locations in New York and around the country.

“The Last” was released in theaters Dec. 15 and won the Golden Globe for best picture, winning five other awards.

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