We know that the HTC One M8 is the first flagship to get a new look and that it looks pretty damn good.

It has a lot of new stuff to show us.

The front of the phone has a new design with a blue, orange, red, and yellow background.

On the back of the device there are two new colors: green and red.

Both colors are reminiscent of HTC’s previous flagships.

We’ve also seen a red HTC logo on the back, which is a bit confusing.

We’re also seeing a new icon on the top right corner, which will be HTC’s logo for the upcoming HTC One series of smartphones.

And we’re not sure why.

We don’t have any details yet.

The new HTC logo looks very similar to HTC’s iconic design, but this isn’t the first time the HTC logo has been replaced.

In fact, the company has had to make changes to its branding for the past few years.

The first major change was the introduction of HTC Logo and HTC logo stickers on the HTC 8X.

But the company also tweaked the design a few times throughout the year, starting with the One M7.

HTC also changed the design on the One S and One X with HTC Logo stickers and branding, which also came with HTC branding stickers on all other phones.

This was a bit more subtle, but the HTC Logo was also used on the M7 and M8.

As with the HTC branding on the new HTC phones, the HTC logos are made of glass and have a subtle white stripe through them.

HTC has also changed how its logos are displayed.

The HTC logo is displayed in the upper right corner of the home screen.

The logo also comes with a small icon in the middle of the screen that indicates the status of the logo.

The icon also shows a little arrow icon next to it that indicates that the icon is currently inactive.

When the icon changes to a status icon, the icon will change back to its previous state.

If the icon becomes active, it will switch to a different icon.

The status icon is also updated in the notification center.

On HTC’s latest flagships, the status icon will update every time you get a notification.

The same goes for the icons on the lockscreen and the notification bar.

You can also access the HTC Status Bar by swiping up on the status bar from the top of the screens.

The icons are also different on the home and back buttons.

On top of that, the home button now has an LED status light, which indicates whether the home or back button is currently active.

The back button will also light up when the home is activated, indicating the status is active.

We know there’s a lot more to the new logo, but it’s not clear what it’s meant to mean.

We do know that this is the new, more stylized look for HTC.

The design is a tad too similar to the M8’s design, with the two main color schemes being green and blue.

The green logo also seems to be on the lower left side of the homescreen, while the blue logo is on the right.

But both logos look pretty good.

The logos look nice and have nice textured, flat surfaces.

The one thing that could change with this design is the design of the buttons.

The Home button is the most obvious change.

The top of this button is green, and it has the HTC emblem.

This button is also a little too long for the standard HTC logo, so the company decided to make the home-button a little longer.

There’s also a small white arrow next to the home key.

The rest of the button is still green, but instead of the HTC symbol, there’s an HTC logo and the word HTC.

This is a slightly less stylized design, and the company might be trying to appeal to a broader demographic by having the logo be a little bigger.

The bottom right of the Home button has a small, white arrow.

This indicates whether or not the Home is currently on or off.

This icon is different on all the other phones that use HTC’s brand, so we’ll have to wait and see if HTC is making the change to make this icon smaller.

We also have to ask ourselves if this is a stylistic change, or if it’s a deliberate design decision by HTC.

It would be a pretty big departure from the previous HTC branding and iconography, but we’ll probably see a more stylistic design for the HTC M9, too.

The notification center is also getting a look, though we don’t know if HTC will be sticking with that design or if the company will use a more standard one.

HTC’s design is also still a bit different on each new device.

The M9 is a completely new design, while all of the previous flags are old-school HTC designs.

The iPhone 5 is the only device to have a new logo and all of HTC devices before it have a logo and an HTC emblem on their homescreen.

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