Google and Facebook are expected to start deploying carbon dioxide-based decals on a small scale in the coming months, with the technology being used by architects and interior designers to help them create buildings with a carbon footprint less than 20 tonnes per square metre.

Glass and concrete are both made from carbon dioxide, but they can only be produced from renewable sources.

In contrast, the natural gas that is used in the manufacturing of cement is made from natural gas.

The two companies will also be partnering to develop new technology to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by cement manufacturing.

The technology will be used in buildings with up to 25 per cent carbon dioxide emissions.

The project will be tested on a handful of buildings, with a view to testing on large-scale buildings in the next few years.

The carbon dioxide emission from cement is about 30 per cent lower than that from cement used in cementing a building, according to a press release from Google.

Google says the carbon dioxide is a “green alternative” that can reduce the overall carbon footprint in buildings.

It said the carbon sequestration process will help build a carbon-neutral building and it is working with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to verify the results.

Google also said that the carbon emission will not be a problem for construction contractors or contractors in general.

“While the material used to make cement is not biodegradable, it is a sustainable material and will not pollute the air,” Google said.

“The process is being done by building owners and construction companies to create a carbon neutral building that can be built anywhere.”

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