You know Android users don’t like to have to install third-party applications on their phones.

But, in order to work in a smartphone app, you need to be aware of the compatibility rules.

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of Android app development on your iPhone and iPad, and show you how to do it on your computer.

First, install the latest Android SDK.

Next, download the latest Xcode app and follow the onscreen instructions.

Next step: How to change the permissions on an Android app on your MacIf you want to do something on your phone with a certain app, or a certain user, you’ll need to either have those permissions granted, or use an Android-specific permission manager.

To do this, open Xcode, and go to the app permissions tab.

Next to “App Permissions,” select “App Manager,” then “Manage App Permissions.”

Next, you should see a list of all the app’s permissions.

If you don’t see any of them, scroll down to “Developer Permissions” and scroll up to the “Managing Android Developers” tab.

Then, under “Manages Applications,” select your app.

If everything is set up correctly, you can now use your app as if it were running on your Android phone.

If not, you may have to add it to the Developer list.

For more information on app permissions, check out the Android Developer’s Guide.

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