Glass stickers, which are already being used in the Philippines to prevent dazzzling from street lamps, could be the next technology to go viral.

In an effort to reduce the number of street lights dazzing on a daily basis, the city of Tacloban is installing 1,000 stickers.

They are made of plastic and are placed on the windows of several buildings, including public buildings, and in the parking lot of a business.

“The stickers are the last thing we need.

I’ve been in Tacluban and I can tell you the traffic, people’s happiness, their happiness is all positive,” said Daniel Lopes, a retired police officer who has lived in the city for 30 years.

The city is looking at using the stickers as a way to reduce pollution and glare, and is also planning to deploy them to buildings.

“We have a great number of residents who work in the streets, and so it’s not like they don’t want to live near a lamp.

But if we can prevent them from being dazzed, that’s a good thing,” Lopes said.”

There are some buildings that have a lot of street lamps.

So the fact that we can reduce the glare from those lamps, I think, would be a great achievement for the city,” said Nalpongluan, who has been living in Taclo since 2014.

But the city is not the only one to have found innovative ways to use the stickers.

A couple in Manila are using the same stickers to protect their cat Dan, who is deaf.

“They are the most common kind of stickers that I’ve seen, and they’re just wonderful to have around,” said the cat owner, who requested to remain anonymous.

“He’s deaf and he likes to listen to his cat, and sometimes when the cat is dazling it can cause some problems for the owner, but he has learned to deal with it,” she added.

Dan is now wearing stickers that say “A-R-I-N-G-A-Y-T-E” in the shape of a cat.

“A-I’s for all the animals, and the word ‘I’ means I’m OK,” she said.

Lopes said the stickers are already making their way around town.

“I have my family and friends and they say that it’s making a big difference.

And it’s also making a lot more people stop dazzerating.

And hopefully they will keep doing it.”

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