Posted by The Irish Sun on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 14:47:13The first trailer for ‘Billion Dollar Baby’ opens on Friday and has now gone viral.

The trailer is a mix of action and comedy, showing a man who is trying to save his mother and then some scenes of a baby being thrown off a cliff.

In the trailer, a character from the ‘Bucket of Shredding’ appears and is able to destroy a giant pile of bricks.

It’s the perfect way to end the day and there is a lot of humour in the clip.

But it doesn’t end there.

The film is the story of a man and his young son who are trapped in a house.

They are trying to escape the house in the hope of saving their mother.

When the family’s car breaks down, they use a special rope to climb out, but the rope doesn’t work as the house starts to collapse on them.

They manage to get out, only to have the house crash into a tree and kill their mother and brother.

The first clip was shared on Twitter by @cathdhearn.

“I’ve been watching this trailer for years, it’s so funny it makes you feel so old,” she said.

“It’s just an amazing film.”

She said it was funny to see the family react to the disaster, especially because they were still alive.

“There’s something about seeing them being alive that makes you laugh,” she added.

“This family is so lucky, they’re still together.”

The trailer also shows a scene of the family being chased by a car.

“The trailer has been sharing on social media and it’s just brilliant,” she continued.

“They’re just trying to get back to normal and they’re trying to help the mother and the son, but it’s all just a mess.”

She added: “It’s a film that we haven’t seen before and it just makes you think, how would the whole world look like if it was this well done?”

The trailer was shared by actress Sarah Lacey and the director’s son, Josh, who was watching it on Twitter.

He said he thought it was brilliant.

“When you see it it makes it seem like it’s a lot more fun than it is,” he said.

He was also in the movie at the time and said he felt the trailer made it “look like a more adult film”.

“It doesn’t make it seem childish, it makes the family look a bit more mature,” he added.

He told The Irish News he thought the trailer was “amazing” and had been “looking forward to it”.

“I think it was a really good thing for people to see because I thought it would make the whole film look a lot funnier,” he explained.

“We’re just a bunch of normal people living in a weird house, but that’s where we are.”

He said the family was “very lucky” and that he hoped it would inspire others to do the same.

“That’s what makes a movie like this so great, to inspire others and to make them realise how lucky we are,” he continued.

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