NHL fans around the world are scratching their head after a drawing for the Stanley Cup final decal was accidentally posted on Facebook.

The decal, created by a local company called Decal, was posted to Instagram on Tuesday with the caption, “Woke up in the morning to this new drawing on Instagram.”

“What the hell is going on here?” one person wrote.

“They’re going to be trying to sell you one of these if you don’t like it,” another said.

“What is the deal with this?” another added.

“This is like the internet,” a third added.

The drawing is a reference to the popular movie “Frozen,” in which the characters Elsa and Anna are depicted as holding a crown and dancing.

It’s unclear if the decal is a nod to Frozen or an attempt to mock it.

However, the drawing isn’t the only thing going up on social media this week, with several different versions of the drawing being posted to the website Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Reddit users are now calling for the drawing to be removed and a boycott of the company.

“Why is this on the internet?” one user wrote on the social news site.

“I’d say if you’re going for a nice cup of coffee, don’t go looking for it on Instagram.

Just be honest with yourself and say you didn’t really like it.”

A spokesperson for Decal told CBC News that the decals were originally created for a local restaurant called Decadence that serves coffee.

“The logo is a drawing of the logo of the coffee shop and it was a nice drawing and was a bit of a joke to make,” the spokesperson told CBC.

“It was a joke at the time and it’s not funny anymore.”

Decal was created by Nick Bagnall, a graphic designer from Toronto.

Bagnal says he is a regular customer of the cafe, and he also posted the decala on his Instagram account last year.

“If we’re not going to take the time to get to know each other, we should take a break,” Bagnale told CBC Toronto.

“We’ve got to get through this season together.”

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