By now, you’ve probably seen the news about Facebook’s new policy barring content that is deemed to be hate speech.

As of yesterday, you’ll be able to delete content from Facebook’s site that includes, for example, “Islamophobic, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and other hate speech,” or posts that criticize Muslim people.

The ban was a reaction to a series of posts that featured a series “of photographs of men with beards,” the first of which went viral.

The post, in the wake of the Charlottesville protests, sparked outrage across the world.

Some Facebook users took to the site to defend the ban, saying it would help counter a “violent backlash” against Muslims.

Others, like the Daily Stormer, were critical of Facebook’s “unfairness” and claimed that the ban would make it harder to report “hate speech” and help police “fight against terrorism.”

While the ban is still in effect, many have since taken to Twitter to discuss what they believe is a “hate crime” against “Muslims.”

For example, a user named @Savage_J_ posted on Twitter: We can all agree that Muslims are a major part of America.

We can also all agree they are under attack.

We also can all accept that they are a threat.

The same user later followed up with a reply saying that “Muslims are the enemy of humanity.”

While some people have criticized the ban on the grounds that it will “make it harder for police to fight against terrorism,” others have criticized Facebook’s decision to ban the images as being based on a false premise.

For example: #Censorship is NOT about censorship of content, it is about censorship in general. — Lauren Walsh (@laurenwalsh) August 25, 2018 When asked if Facebook was banning the photos because they were “racist,” another user, @soulmama_wadam, replied: Yes, they are racist.

They are NOT a “threat.”

They are a danger to all of us.

@sabih_khayyam @The_Eyes_of_God @LaurenWalsh @LaurensWalsh We can agree that Muslim people are a part of our country, and they are the people we all want to see in our countries.

They have our deepest gratitude for being here and are an integral part of the fabric of our communities.

We do not agree with everything that they stand for, but we also do not want them to be our enemies.

But there are other ways to fight for the rights of Muslim Americans and to counter the “hate” that is being spread by some of the people who have shared the photos.

For instance, @Sebastian_Buchanan tweeted about how to “get the word out to the Muslim community that this is a real problem.”

He continued, “This is not a problem that has just happened, but a problem of hate that has been building for years and years and decades.”

“The problem is not that Muslims have had to face terrorism,” he said.

“The solution is the removal of these images from Facebook.”

Another Twitter user, called @jihadislamist, said the ban “will be the beginning of the end for the West and Islam.”

The following day, @Toni_Parsons_, another Twitter user called @b_michaels, went even further in her response.

She tweeted: What is a Muslim?

They are the best people on the planet.

They live in peace.

They pray in peace and they have the best education.

They know how to treat their children and how to live a normal life.

This is NOT hate speech, it’s what Muslims want.

What are they going to do?

Just let them live and grow?

What a joke!

@Tori_Parson_ @jihadiislamic #CENSORSHIP #StopRacism #MuslimBan — Toni Parsons (@ToniParsson) August 26, 2018 While many on the far right have argued that the pictures are “fake news,” the real reason for banning them is that they depict images of dead Muslim people, including those that were killed by police.

According to data collected by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, at least 476 people have been killed by law enforcement since the election of Donald Trump.

According the Council’s count, there have been a total of 687 “law enforcement-involved shootings” during the time period of November 8, 2017 to August 11, 2018.

Some have argued these figures are inflated.

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that the number of “law-enforcement-involved” incidents per day during this time period “is subject to revision as new data becomes available.”

“While we have not identified

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