It’s not just a decorative door sticker that will stop women from feeling a sense of relief.

There are also new decals to prevent businesses from taking advantage of women in their work and from having to rely on a “mood-eraser” to keep their minds sharp during the holiday season.

A group of women have designed a new “Mood-Eraser” sticker to deter men from leaving their offices and into their homes during the festive season.

It is called “Memento” and the design includes the words “We Are All Mementos”.

“It was a way to make sure that we were all here,” said Sarah, a 25-year-old who works in a graphic design firm.

“I wanted to do something that would not only make it more fun for me to be around my colleagues, but for them to feel like they are part of this community.”

The “MEMENTO” sticker is designed to keep women out of their workplace, while men can feel like their presence is safe and secure.

“It’s not a thing that’s going to come out and say, ‘Hey, this is a business, this place is safe for women’,” said Sarah.

“That’s a way of doing that so that it feels like it’s a safe space for everybody.”

The women behind the design hope that “MENTO” will become a staple of the holiday calendar.

“We wanted to create a message that will help people be happy during the holidays and it’s not going to be like a big thing,” said Stephanie.

“The idea was to make a really nice, feminine sticker for people to put on their door.”

You don’t have to put this on your office door and have to get the mood-erasers out of your house, you can just go outside and use it.

“The stickers will go on sale at the Melbourne Office Depot on November 23 and are priced at $6.50 each.

The “TODAY” sticker, which features a bright yellow colour and is available for $7.50, features an illustration of a smiling woman, surrounded by two flowers.”

When it’s cold outside and we’re just sitting around talking, it’s just so nice to just take it off and say hello,” said Ms Rieff, who is also a business owner.”

To see this on the front of the house, it makes it really nice to see that your employees are happy, and it makes people feel safe and protected.

“Because of the ‘Mementos’ on our stickers, it gives people the feeling that it’s safe.”

The sticker has already been downloaded by over 100,000 people.

“They’re really great,” said Jo, who works at a health and fitness company.

“People will look up to them and say that they’re doing a good job and they can actually see that the message is coming through.”

The new stickers will not be limited to businesses, but will also be used by women at home and at home events.

“Some women will be able to put them on their windows to say that there’s an open window and a safe place to be,” said Riezz.

“There will be a different sticker that has the ‘A’ next to it.”


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