Ayn Dubose, a former CIA analyst who was in the Trump administration, has warned President Rodrigo Duterte that he should take a more conciliatory approach towards the country’s political enemies.

“The United States is a great country.

The American people are great people.

But we have our differences.

We have our disputes,” Dubose told CNN Philippines.”

Duterte, as president of the Philippines, has to make peace with the United States, and that means we must have a better relationship with the US.”

You can’t do this on your own.

I would like to see the US do this.

“Duterte has repeatedly said he does not know how the United Nations will respond to the latest outbreak of the virus, which has been linked to the coronavirus.

Dubose, however, said Duterte’s approach could be the first step towards solving the crisis.”

What he said, he needs to have a good conversation with the U.N. and the U,S.

embassy, and he needs a dialogue with the Filipino people,” Duboses said.”

So, I think he has to start the dialogue with us.

We are also in a state of war with the [Communist] Party of the Philippine Nationalist Party (CPP), so it is very difficult to begin this dialogue without a dialogue.

“Dubose said Duterte has a responsibility to address the crisis in a way that protects the nation’s health and welfare.”

That means he has a very good responsibility to protect his country and his people from this epidemic.

If he has that, he will have the chance to show he is a leader who is willing to make concessions to our country,” she said.

Duterte is facing growing pressure from the US, as his popularity and power have taken a dive in recent weeks.

His administration has also been criticised by human rights groups for the killing of suspected drug dealers.

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