It can.

For the first time ever, glass tiles have become the official logo of the film, and it’s actually pretty cool.

The tiles are actually transparent, meaning that they appear to be a translucent transparent sheet of glass.

In practice, they actually are.

The idea is that the glass tile can be used to add an extra layer of decoration to a movie poster or cover artwork.

They look great with just about any kind of cover art, and they look really good on anything that can get the most out of the material.

Here’s how it works: 1.

The glass tile is a sheet of the color glass, so it’s transparent.

It’s also translucent, meaning it can look like the real thing.


A small light source is placed above the glass tiles.


The light source changes color, depending on the light content of the movie.

When the light source has the right amount of light, the light will change color.

For example, if there is a lot of light at the bottom of the glass, then the light changes to purple.


If the light is at the top of the screen, then a little light will be cast from the bottom, and then the bottom will change to white.

It doesn’t matter what light source you use, the colors will change according to how much light is on the screen.


The color changes when you turn the light on and off, and when you look at the film.

It should look pretty good.

Glass tiles also look great on paper, and even on cardboard.

But, as with most things, the material doesn’t last forever.

Glass has a life of its own.

Glass can be oxidized, cracked, or even chemically destroyed.

The film will degrade over time.

So if you’re going to be putting glass on a poster, make sure it’s a solid material that’s actually there.

And if you want to be able to add a new movie logo, then make sure that you’re using something that can withstand the wear and tear that’s inevitable with use.

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