MSNBC host Dan Kinh reported on the recent anti-blac protests in the United States. 

A group of activists and anti-police protesters have been occupying a number of high-profile buildings in the nation’s capital since last week.

The demonstrations have turned violent, and anti -blac activists have been arrested. 

Kinh reports:  There are no official reports on the number of protesters who have been taken into custody, but it’s been reported that about 200 people have been charged in connection with the protests. 

Some of the arrests have been for trespassing on public property, according to a Washington Post report, but the number could be far higher. 

On Saturday, the group occupying the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC set up a tent and camp outside the White House, which is where the protests began.

The protesters have called for a general strike on Monday, and on Tuesday, some protesters are demanding the removal of a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the city’s National Mall. 

The protests have become so intense that some protesters have taken to calling the occupation the “Hate Parade.” 

On Monday, a few protesters gathered at the Lincoln Monument in front of the Capitol building and called for the removal and dismantling of a monument to African Americans that stands on the Capitol’s north side. 

Demonstrators at the Mall are also calling for the destruction of a Confederate monument. 

In the wake of the demonstrations, many police officers have been seen carrying assault rifles and carrying clubs and knives, as well as pepper spray and shields.

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