Moms, you’re invited to join the cast of the brand new Netflix series “The Moms,” premiering on Netflix this summer.

While the series is set to follow the adventures of a new family, we’re excited to finally get to see the original cast members as they explore the world and come face-to-face with their inner-most secrets.

To get you started, we caught up with some of the original stars of the series, Dan Stevens (Molly, Glee), Danielle Staub, Jillian Bell, and Kristen Bell.

We also talked to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, about the inspiration behind the series and how his family and friends are inspired to be part of it.

Molly Shannon as Molly and Jillian Smith as Jillian.

Photo: Netflix The first episode of “The Movies with the Kids” is a little bit of a surprise to us.

We were hoping to see Dan and Jillians daughter, Molly, as Molly Shannon in the pilot, but they were only able to find her in the final episode of the pilot.

When Molly’s character is revealed to be the daughter of one of the main characters in the series (Glee’s Molly Shannon), Dan and his co-stars were ecstatic.

“The fact that it was Molly, it was just incredible.

Molly’s the first person we ever got in this series,” said Danielle Staubs, who plays Molly.

“I don’t know if there’s a better way to describe it than that, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

“The Mommies” is being written and directed by Ryan Murphy (The Americans, The Americans: Season 2), and stars Danielle Staubes, Kristen Bell, Molly Shannon, and Jill Bell as Molly, Jill, and the three kids they all share a love for: Molly’s mom, Molly’s dad, and Molly’s brother, Joe.

The series is being produced by Murphy and writer/director David Ayer.

We caught up at the Television Critics Association press tour for the series premiere to talk about the process of writing the show and how it’s different than other shows he’s worked on.TVLINE: So this is going to be different from any other show that you’ve worked on or are working on.

We haven’t done any pilot episodes yet.

Is it more like, I don’t even know, a scripted show?

What’s the process like?

Molly: It’s different.

We’re trying to take the best of what we’ve seen and do it differently.

It’s a different world, but I think we have a lot of the same things.

I think it’s the story we’re trying tell, and I think what we’re doing is telling the story of family, of Molly, of the kids, and what it means to be a kid.

It feels like a much different show than a lot for me, because I don

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