Updated May 05, 2018 11:22:23A new trend in glass door decoration is a new product from Dan.

A brand that sells products designed to keep glass doors clean and functional, Dan’s glass door decorates are designed to help protect glass and provide added security to retail and restaurant spaces.

In the video above, the new glass door decoration is designed to be able to help the glass doors to stay cleaner and stay in place for longer.

The company, which also sells glass wall panels, said it began experimenting with the new decorating in 2016.

Dan said it tested several products in 2016, and the new product has a unique combination of the two.

The first product is called Glass Door Lock, which is a plastic locking device that can be placed in the glass door to keep the glass locked when not in use.

The product is designed so that when the door is closed, it will remain closed.

The second product is known as Glass Door Shield, which consists of two glass plates that can slide into place to protect the glass from debris and scratches.

The products are designed so they can be locked into place when not being used.

Dan’s newest product, Glass Door Door Reinforcement, is a three-piece piece of glass that can act as a reinforcement for the glass in place.

This product is available in a variety of colors and sizes and is currently in production in five locations.

The Glass Door Reinforcer product is currently available at 10 locations.

The company has already ordered more than 2,000 of the products, Dan said.

The new product is also available in different sizes.

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