An anonymous user has shared a screenshot of an iOS app that will allow you to buy an app through your social network without actually buying it.

The app, called “Dive Into,” is an iOS extension that allows you to sign up to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

This lets you sign up for “divein.facebook” without actually paying for it.

It will also show you how much you will save by buying the app, as well as some basic information about the app’s developer, including how much money you can save on a monthly subscription.

Dive Into will allow users to purchase apps via their Facebook, Facebook, and Twitter profiles without having to enter any personal information.

You can also buy apps via your LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.

“Divert cash to your friends.

Join and divein on Facebook,” the app description reads.

“It’s your friends who earn you the cash, so divein is here to help you earn it.”

Divein is not the only app that allows users to earn money from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

There are also apps called “diversify” and “diverts” that allow users who are already friends to buy apps through those profiles.

However, there’s no reason to believe that Divein will be anything other than a way for people to earn cash from their profiles without actually signing up for the app.

Users can sign up with their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, and then the app will automatically show you the apps they have purchased.

This is different than using the social networking app “Instagram,” which automatically shows users when they have the option to buy a new photo.

Facebook and Instagram both show you when you have the “like” button, but you can’t buy an Instagram photo using Facebook.

Diversify and Diverts are free, but if users are not willing to pay for them, then they could potentially be used as a scam.

Users who are willing to signup for an app with the intention of earning money could easily be scammed by users who then sign up on those apps and then try to use their “dives” to purchase the app and the “disco” app.

Dives is not a legitimate app, and users should not use it as a way to earn.

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