It’s no secret that video game reviews are notoriously biased towards games that come from the same publisher as the game.

But that bias isn’t just limited to the big publishers, either.

When it comes to reviewing games, it can be especially bad, with publishers claiming that their games are more realistic or better-looking.

And in some cases, those are the same publishers that make the games.

We talked to an industry expert about this recently and discovered that, to an extent, games are actually being sold more in the US than they are in Europe.

It all comes down to how publishers decide to market games to consumers.

And when it comes down the line to the US market, there’s no way around that.

The reason that games are sold so well in the United States is because we have more choices.

It’s cheaper to buy a game from a major publisher than to get it from a local shop.

And because games are often made by the same studio, there are more ways to tell which games are better than which ones are just from the box.

It seems that publishers have decided to take advantage of this.

But not everyone agrees with that.

Some believe that the publishers aren’t actually buying the games they sell, and instead are using them to promote the company’s games.

This isn’t true.

In fact, many publishers do buy games.

The reason is simple: the games themselves are much cheaper to produce and distribute.

The biggest companies in the industry are also among the biggest developers, so they have an incentive to produce games that are popular.

In fact, there have been numerous instances of publishers buying games from smaller independent developers, who have then sold them back to the publisher.

We’ll get to that later.

Instead, the big players in the video game industry are simply buying the most popular games.

And even though they may own the rights to a game, they still make the decisions about how the game is released.

This means that the games are usually more likely to be released in the market than they would be if they were released by a more established publisher.

And that’s not to say that a lot of games are released under these terms.

For example, some of the best-selling games in history have been made by independent developers.

In order to ensure that there’s a healthy, stable market for the games, the publishers will often pay small indie developers to release games that aren’t the most successful.

But even in those cases, the games aren’t always released under the best conditions.

For instance, the recent news that Ubisoft had paid out millions of dollars to some of its game developers in order to keep them from leaving the company was a big blow to the industry.

It also resulted in an unprecedented flood of games that were all developed by the big companies.

As the situation in the UK continues to unfold, some gamers are calling for publishers to start respecting independent developers and take back control over how their games come out.

While this would certainly help in the short term, it would also hurt in the long term, as independent developers would have less incentive to continue making games.

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