When to use decals: Decal printing is here to stay

In 2015, the United States lost its largest glass doors manufacturer, G.M., and the company had to shut down two of its three glass doors factories in Alabama and Florida.As of last week, G-M.had more than $7 billion in cash and $9.5 billion in sales.The company said it would lay off about 8,000 workers as part of its restructuring plan.But

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Can you stop cutting your own plotter?

I just got a new TV, and I wanted to see how the screen works.The setup was a simple one: I used the HDMI cable to hook up my TV to my computer and connect to the TV via a cable connection.I plugged the TV in and connected the HDMI cord, then plugged my laptop to the HDMI port on

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후원 콘텐츠

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